Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips

Electrify Pyrotechnics’ Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips

It only seems five minutes ago since it was summer and we were all having barbecues and drinking Prosecco in the garden.  Suddenly it’s Autumn, the nights are closing in and Bonfire Night is almost upon us.  So with only 2 weeks until the first organised displays kick off we thought  as a Professional Firework Display Company we would share our insider Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips for improving your firework season…

10.  Consider not buying fireworks from a Supermarket

If you are going to have your own display then look to buy fireworks from a reputable specialist firework retailer. Supermarket fireworks tend in the main to look very attractive, but it’s what’s inside that counts. In a lot of cases they have less gunpowder content.  They may feel heavy, but it’s often mainly cardboard and wood.  It’s not always the case, however in the main if you can buy your fireworks from a specialist fireworks store that sells them all year round you’re more likely to get more bang for your buck – literally!

9.  Don’t buy fireworks from anyone other than a reputable retailer

Building upon the advice in number 10, each year hundreds of Pounds of professional fireworks are stolen to order from firework stores across the country and sold illegally. Fireworks are specifically categorised, and many of those stolen are not for sale to the public. Whilst buying these types of fireworks may seem exciting and intriguing, professional Category 4 fireworks have longer safety distances and very, very fast fuses meaning lighting them is likely to lead to an instant ignition or the firework firing violently in a random direction.  In addition all fireworks sold to the public in the UK carry a CE mark – check for it and avoid it if it doesn’t carry one.  If you’re offered fireworks down the pub, or through a friend of a friend, think of your guests first and avoid.

8.  Observe the safety distances

Category 2 fireworks (typically the smaller ones) have an 8 metre safety distance, whilst the larger category 3 fireworks have a 25 metre safety distance. If your back garden isn’t large enough for a category 3 firework then don’t buy them. Category 2 fireworks are now equally as impressive and so there’s no need to put your guests at risk.

7.  Rockets track into the wind

If you’re buying rockets then be mindful that on a windy night they will head into the wind and not move in the direction of the wind. This is because the wind blows the rockets’ stick which then points its’ head into the wind. One to consider for safety reasons but also so it doesn’t disappear behind your house meaning that your guests miss the burst.

6.  Secure your fireworks so they don’t fall over.

Multi-shot barrage cakes (often referred to as cakes because they are often shaped like square Christmas cakes – often shaped like boxes or cubes like those shown below) fire anything between 10 and 100 shots, which means once it’s lit it won’t stop. These are great value, because you get a longer firework display and each shot is pretty much like one rocket.  However, if they aren’t secured they can bounce around and fall over, which could lead to them firing in the direction of your audience.  Many instructions tell you to bury them up to a pre-prescribed line.  This is fine, however most professional firework companies will hammer a small wooden stake into the ground and gaffer tape the cake to the stake.  The cake’s not going anywhere then!  Although make sure you don’t tape over the fuse!


5.  Don’t let the fuse get wet, in fact don’t let your firework get wet.

If your firework or green visco fuse get wet (in the rain or because the ground is damp) then it’s unlikely to light or fire all the way through.  One way to avoid this happening is to put the firework in a swing bin liner before securing it into place.  Give the bag a shake before you light it to shake away the water then just tear the bag to expose the fuse and light it.  The firework will fire through the bag just fine and it’ll stay dry – although unfortunately if it’s raining you and your guests won’t!!!

4.  If it doesn’t go off, then do not return to it

Sounds obvious, however as a professional firework firing team we’ve seen many fireworks go off seconds, minutes and on occasions hours after they’ve been lit. Just leave it, don’t go anywhere near it, don’t bring it back into the house.  Retrieve it the next day, and return it another day to the store that you bought it from.  They will dispose of it securely.

3.  Think of your pets

Most pets, especially cats and dogs hate fireworks. Never take your dog to a firework display unless you know they are OK around them. It’s best to keep your pets indoors once it gets dark over the couple of weeks that fireworks are being let off. Keeping curtains closed and the TV or Radio on fairly loud often means they don’t hear the fireworks.  If that doesn’t work, and your pet is particularly traumatised then speak to your vet.  There are treatments and clothing that your pets can wear to help them cope, however always seek a professionals advice.

2.  Find a local organised professional display

These are always more inspiring than consumer firework displays – the firers will likely be firing bigger professional category fireworks and so it’ll be more impressive, and safer. Plus less effort and cost!

1.  Our top tip – learn to fire fireworks professionally

If you do enjoy lighting fireworks and putting on an impressive display then why not train with a firework company? As well as the tips above there are a raft of ‘insider secrets’ that mean you can fire fireworks more safely, with less gaps, and with less mess afterwards! Even fire them electrically so you can stand with your guests and fire the whole display with a push of a button, even to music!  Interested?  Give us a call at Electrify Pyrotechnics on 01332 650770 –  it doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in – we can train you to be a better firer!  And who doesn’t want a discount on better fireworks!?!

Hopefully you found our Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips useful. Whatever you do this Bonfire night, whether it’s going to professional display or a display in your back garden, wrap up warm, follow the firework code, stay safe, think of your pets and have fun!

Electrify Pyrotechnics fire multiple Bonfire Night displays all across the UK.   Let us take the strain of firing a Bonfire Night display – it’s not easy, even for us sometimes…

Biblical downpour hits Britain. Electrify firers hit it back!

Rain is not a problem for the heroic firers of Electrify

What was described by many as “biblical” rain hit Britain over the Bonfire week. Rainfall as high as 40mm shocked the public of Britain but, the Electrify firers fought on!

Armed with their coats, wellies and plastic bags the Electrify firers continued to amaze the British public with Electrify’s incredible firework displays. From Hadrian’s wall in the far North to Colchester in the far South, Electrify were scattered all over the country spreading joy and laughter despite the horrific downpour.

Electrify’s pyro musicals were playing far and wide and soon, despite the record-breaking weather, all discontent was ignored and the public were singing in the rain. All thanks to the heroic firers of Electrify, who fought on through it all. But how did they do it? Electrify always have a solution for such problems! Equipped with gazebos, plastic sheets and parcel tape, they simply covered the fireworks with the sheets and taped it on tight with tape. “We just let it go off through the plastic sheets” said one firer. “That way from set up to lift off the gunpowder stays dry and the show can go on!” They then cover the fireworks with a gazebo, for extra protection, before removing it during the display. One committed firer went as far as blotting the fireworks with a sponge to insure a great quality display and a very dry firework. It doesn’t matter to them if they get wet, as long as the display is perfect for their customers. With over 40 displays out in a week, the firers not only worked exceptionally hard anyway but to beat the weather was an incredible effort from the amazing team. 

Even the firers themselves had some fun in the rain, many selfies and wacky photos taken on the displays, no sign of frustration or discomfort over the weather was shown. Even some jolly singing of Rihanna’s Umbrella could be heard across one firing site. One firer, Eddie Potter, was more bothered about his co-firers finding out about his secret snaffling of a Big Mac than he was  the rain! “He just turned up smelling like a Big Mac, he didn’t even share” Co-firer John Tinkler laughed. It was obvious, despite the rain the happy Electrify bunch will remain a jolly crew! The Electrify Firers not only fought on but enjoyed their small adventures, remaining jovial and committed through it all. They were a credit to Electrify and brought happiness and magic through the incredible, famous ‘Electrify displays’ they all worked so hard on. 

(Eddie pictured Left: triumphant he had got away with his secret Big Mac!)

Evidently, it wasn’t just the firers who had fun in the rain! Thousands of people attended the public firework displays Electrify were hired to wow the crowd with. At each display, a chorus of “ooh” “ahh” and “amazing” could be heard as the glittering fireworks trickled down. Soon, the horrific rain was ignored, each crowd Electrify performed for amazed by the show before them. Morrisons PLC spokesperson thanked the team, praising them for “a great display for the circa 1100 people we had… The weather was awful and they were wet through but [the display] was still delivered.” Geoff from Fidelity thanked the team for a “fantastic firework display” and even stated they were going to organise with Electrify another stunning display next year!

#bonfire night fireworks

(A crowd of students at Essex university pictured above right: waiting with anticipation for Electrify’s annual display)

Electrify’s reputation for delivering fantastic firework displays, whatever the weather, was met and exceeded! No matter the occasion, Electrify are at hand to give you a perfect, bespoke display. Whether it’s a small wedding to a whopping music festival Electrify are guaranteed to give you the most memorable display, even if there’s an incredulous amount of rain! 

From scissor lifts to students to temples, Electrify really can do it all! Contact us for more information to find out how we can create the perfect display for you.

Secret school fundraising offer

Calling all teachers – be your schools’ fundraising hero!

If you’re reading this then hopefully you are a teacher, headteacher, PTA member or a parent active in school fundraising.  If you are, then we can reveal a one-time offer that will allow you to easily raise funds for your school and be a fundraising hero! This offer has become available solely due to the dates that certain days of the year fall in 2017!

Intrigued?  Then read on and all will become clear…

Fundraising problems:

  1. Fundraising is a headache, it takes a huge amount of effort (entertainment, marketing, different suppliers, health and safety, risk assessments – the list goes on). What we can offer reduces the amount of effort you need to put in to hold the fundraising event, as we do the majority of the work!
  2. Keeping people at your fundraising event and spending – our offer will allow you to easily attract people to your event and keep them there spending for as long as you want!
  3. Cost – the cost of holding an event can be expensive with little return. We have a discount offer to blow you away – keep reading!
  4. In order to grow the event year after year takes an increase in effort with not necessarily the same growth in funds raised. Our offer is proven to grow and current customers have seen attendance and revenues grow year on year.
  5. If you hold your event at the same dates as other schools then you’re already competing for attendance. This is where our offer delivers…it’s time to explain.

people standing behind firework display

Bonfire night falls on a Monday this year, which means that most of our customers want a display on the Friday or Saturday, however like most firework companies we have our stock, staff and vans ready from much earlier in the week and so can offer a much reduced rate for a Bonfire night fireworks event…

  1. Our existing school clients started off small, made a good profit in year 1 however have grown year on year
  2. We carry £10 million public liability insurance, and do risk assessments and organise the display set up and clear up
  3. Attendance tends to be high as people are looking for firework displays to go to at that time of year, and are more likely to attend their own schools display if it doesn’t clash with a large public event. A small entrance fee will make a big difference to your fundraising efforts
  4. You can blow them away with our amazing professional displays. Recently we held a display at a school who had previously done fireworks themselves – they were blown away by the difference between a professional display and their hand-fired retail bought fireworks.   Their crowds have grown year on year ever since.
  5. Your customers come with money and spend at stalls until the fireworks are done. This allows you to put on additional stalls to raise further funds:
    • Competition stalls (hook a duck, basketball throwing)
    • Hot food stalls
    • small fair ride pitches
  6. Ever see glow sticks and flashing toys at firework displays? That’s because kids buy them by the bucket-load, and we can provide them for you at a low cost giving you an extra revenue stream on the night
  7. Prices for our firework display include VAT, so many organisations can claim that back, making it even cheaper to hold the event

Our Bonfire night displays start at £1800 including VAT however due to the date that Bonfire night falls and availability on other nights in the week we can now offer:

Tuesday 30th Oct – Thursday 1st Nov – £1250 incl VAT Quote offer ref BONWEEK

Sunday 4th & Monday 5th November – £1500 incl VAT Quote offer ref BONSUN

 “I organise a fireworks night as a fundraiser at my children’s school and everyone always says it is truly the best display they have seen, our crowds have trebled over the last 3 years as has our profit.  Value for money with the most fantastic service…… everything is taken care of so all you need to do is sell tickets!   Could not recommend enough”

Jane Lee – Forestdale Primary School PTA

So in terms of fundraising, the sky really is the limit this Bonfire Night.  So why not be a fundraising hero and see how Electrify Pyrotechnics can help your organisation to exceed its’ fundraising target in 2017.

What is it you do again???

What is it that Electrify do again?




Actually, what is it that we don’t do!  We pulled this mind map together today to clarify our thinking on what our product was and what services we offer.  The list just went on and on:











  • PA Hire
    • DIY iPod Packages
    • Band PA Hire
    • Venue Packages
  • Pyro-musicals
  • Sound training




party lighting 


  • Musical Lightshows
  • Firework Lightshow pyro-musicals
  • Wedding displays – where fireworks aren’t permitted
  • Uplighting
  • Disco light hire
  • Product launches – specialist lit logos (gobos)

It’s more of a list than an elevator pitch, and it’s not exhaustive either. We could have carried on but we ran out of space.  Talking of elevator pitches, maybe it would be better to sum it up in one short, succinct sentence…

Electrify – the leading UK specialist in all things Fireworks, Lighting and Sound.

Fundraising through Fireworks – how Electrify can help your organisation generate funds

Bonfire Night Fireworks Single Shots Bonfire Night Fireworks Fire

November may seem a long way away however as we rapidly approach the end of the first quarter of the year many small organisations, charity groups and local community groups are already planning their years’ fundraising events. It can be a real headache for the Fundraising Committee and the Treasurer – how do we generate enough funding to do the activities we want to do for the rest of the year, or to keep the building in good repair?

As it becomes increasingly difficult to generate funds, a large number of those groups are turning to larger fundraising events in order to generate money for their organisations. Over the last 5 years we have seen a huge surge in the number of groups that are running Bonfire Night parties in order to generate funding.

Bonfire Night and Summer Fete’s have always been a popular way of bringing in funding however over the last few years we have been increasingly invited to fire professional displays for organisations and groups who had previously put on displays themselves with shop-purchased consumer fireworks or had just not considered a Bonfire Night event before at all.

It costs less than you think…and can generate a lot more than you think!

With an Electrify Bonfire Night Fireworks display not only are you giving your audience a larger, choreographed display with professional category fireworks that will really amaze your audience, you no longer have the worry of safety and insurance. At Electrify we take care of everything from coming out to do a site visit and risk assessment to the £10 Million liability insurance we carry as standard. That leaves the organising committees free to look at other revenue streams from the night. We often see extra revenue brought in at the event through:

  • Hot food sales
  • Glow toys
  • Competition stands
  • Small fair ride pitches

And whilst many think a professional firework display would be out of their budget – they’d be wrong. Our Bonfire Night display packages (some of which, like the “Gunpowder Display” package, have been designed especially for smaller Groups, Community Groups, Schools and PTAs) start from as little as just £1800, and that’s really impressive display too! Some of our customers share the cost of the event with other local community groups such as the school and local Scouting Association, joining up to fund and reap the rewards. Most organisations, with the right advertising amongst its’ patrons and the local community, see a return on that investment at that first event and then see revenues grow year on year as word spreads and footfall increases.   We’ve had a 100% re-book rate with all our school Bonfire Nights such are the revenue generating opportunities.

“I organise a fireworks night as a fundraiser at my childrens school and everyone always says it is truly the best display they have seen, our crowds have trebled over the last 3 years as has our profit.Value for money with the most fantastic service…… everything is taken care of so all you need to do is sell tickets!                                                                                   Could not recommend enough”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jane Lee – Forestdale Primary School PTA

So in terms of fundraising, the sky really is the limit this Bonfire Night, and people are booking now. So why not see how Electrify Pyrotechnics can help your organisation to exceed its’ fundraising target in 2017. To find out more or to book a Bonfire Night display call our professional and friendly team on 01332 650770 or visit

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