Fundraising through Fireworks – how Electrify can help your organisation generate funds

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November may seem a long way away however as we rapidly approach the end of the first quarter of the year many small organisations, charity groups and local community groups are already planning their years’ fundraising events. It can be a real headache for the Fundraising Committee and the Treasurer – how do we generate enough funding to do the activities we want to do for the rest of the year, or to keep the building in good repair?

As it becomes increasingly difficult to generate funds, a large number of those groups are turning to larger fundraising events in order to generate money for their organisations. Over the last 5 years we have seen a huge surge in the number of groups that are running Bonfire Night parties in order to generate funding.

Bonfire Night and Summer Fete’s have always been a popular way of bringing in funding however over the last few years we have been increasingly invited to fire professional displays for organisations and groups who had previously put on displays themselves with shop-purchased consumer fireworks or had just not considered a Bonfire Night event before at all.

It costs less than you think…and can generate a lot more than you think!

With an Electrify Bonfire Night Fireworks display not only are you giving your audience a larger, choreographed display with professional category fireworks that will really amaze your audience, you no longer have the worry of safety and insurance. At Electrify we take care of everything from coming out to do a site visit and risk assessment to the £10 Million liability insurance we carry as standard. That leaves the organising committees free to look at other revenue streams from the night. We often see extra revenue brought in at the event through:

  • Hot food sales
  • Glow toys
  • Competition stands
  • Small fair ride pitches

And whilst many think a professional firework display would be out of their budget – they’d be wrong. Our Bonfire Night display packages (some of which, like the “Gunpowder Display” package, have been designed especially for smaller Groups, Community Groups, Schools and PTAs) start from as little as just £1800, and that’s really impressive display too! Some of our customers share the cost of the event with other local community groups such as the school and local Scouting Association, joining up to fund and reap the rewards. Most organisations, with the right advertising amongst its’ patrons and the local community, see a return on that investment at that first event and then see revenues grow year on year as word spreads and footfall increases.   We’ve had a 100% re-book rate with all our school Bonfire Nights such are the revenue generating opportunities.

“I organise a fireworks night as a fundraiser at my childrens school and everyone always says it is truly the best display they have seen, our crowds have trebled over the last 3 years as has our profit.Value for money with the most fantastic service…… everything is taken care of so all you need to do is sell tickets!                                                                                   Could not recommend enough”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jane Lee – Forestdale Primary School PTA

So in terms of fundraising, the sky really is the limit this Bonfire Night, and people are booking now. So why not see how Electrify Pyrotechnics can help your organisation to exceed its’ fundraising target in 2017. To find out more or to book a Bonfire Night display call our professional and friendly team on 01332 650770 or visit

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