How to pick the perfect songs for your pyromusical

What’s better for lovers of fireworks than a firework display?  Answer: a pyromusical firework display!  At Electrify Pyrotechnics we are specialists in creating amazing firework displays that fire in perfect unison to a music track.  There’s some pretty amazing technology available to us in order to get the firing timed to absolute perfection right down to the last thousandth of a second. The length of the display will dictate how many songs you need, and we can edit all of the songs together to make one single track, but how do you pick the right music to accompany your display?

Here are our top 5 tips for getting it right:

1) Pick songs that you like and are personal to you

If the display is for a wedding, an anniversary or party then pick at least one song that means something to whomever the display is for.  For a wedding, that may be ‘your song’, the first track you ever danced to, or something that brings back fond memories to you both.  Whatever the reason, make it personal and that will add another really special, unique dimension to the display.

2) Where possible pick songs that your audience are going to know too

Whilst it’s important that you select songs that mean something to you, you also want to avoid anything too obscure.  Classical music goes really well with fireworks, however everything from pop, rap and heavy metal can work too!  The atmosphere of a pyromusical firework display is enhanced when there is music that people recognise and love too. You can’t please everyone, as people have different tastes in music, however easily recognisable tunes and songs will work wonders when it comes to treating the audience.

3) Watch your profanity

There’s quite a few songs now that contain expletives and swear words. Avoid any songs that might not be appropriate for the younger or older members of your audience.  If you love a song but there’s inappropriate language then you have two choices, firstly look for a Radio Edit which will be a more audience friendly version, or speak to us at Electrify Pyrotechnics as we may be able to do some editing to help you out!

4) Select music that changes in tempo

It’s important to have songs with good beats in order to fire the fireworks up to, however songs that have changes in tempo, speed and beat offer the ability to vary the display further and therefore add an additional dimension to your display.

5) For your finale song, pick a tune with a punchy ending

This one is always a challenge. You want your pyromusical to end with a huge volley of fireworks and a grand finale to conclude the display.  So picking a song that slowly fades away at the end isn’t really going to be appropriate (imagine trying to do a big finale to Hey Jude by The Beatles with the continuous looping 4 minute long coda ending that eventually fades to nothing, great song however not really appropriate for a whopping finale.  Remember “Big Finish”.

So that’s it, our top 5 tips to picking the best music for a pyromusical, and what’s more we provide all the sound systems, we’ll mix your track and let you listen and approve it before we design your show to it.  So what are you waiting for? You pick the music and leave the rest in Electrify Pyrotechnics capable hands.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!

Summer Solstice Offer – Firework Display Discount Code

To celebrate the longest day, we’re offering a special deal if you book and use the voucher code from this blog.  Just book before 30th June to use the discount on your firework display at any time in the future!

#summer solstice fireworks

Summer is properly upon us and the nice weather always makes us feel generous, so with today being the longest day that’s a whole heap more sunshine to make us even happier!


Electrify are specialists in firework displays whatever the reason for your celebration…weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bonfire night, new years eve, Diwali, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs the list goes on.   With these long summer nights where the sunset isn’t until after 9:30pm, it means it isn’t properly dark until well after 10pm. This can create a challenge when it comes to firework displays at this time of year…

How do you do fireworks if it isn’t dark enough?
  1. Make it later – the obvious solution is to ensure your display takes place after it gets dark, however it is illegal in the UK to let fireworks off after 11pm (Bonfire Night & New Year’s Eve are the exception to that rule). So, for a 10 minute display, 10:50pm is the absolute latest start time.
  2. Check the time the sun is due to set – sites like The Met Office website offer a daily sunrise and a sunset time, remember that when the sun sets there’s still twilight which is the suns glow in the atmosphere.  Total darkness can be around 30-45 minutes after the sun disappears behind the horizon.
  3. Whilst a pitch black sky is perfect for a firework display, a slightly lighter sky gives an amazingly different hue and perspective to a display. Modern fireworks are very bright and a display can be incredibly impressive against a different coloured backdrop, even just after twilight when the sun has set but the sky isn’t absolutely dark.
  4. Leave it to the professionals – at Electrify Pyrotechnics, we know exactly what time to fire a display and how to work with the different shades of night in order to create the perfect display for your celebration, whatever the time of year. Give us a call on 01332 650770 to discuss the perfect timing for your perfect display.

  #dovecliff hall fireworks

So, in order to celebrate the longest day of the year, if you call us before the end of June and quote our Solstice Special Facebook voucher code of FB-SOL17 we will give you a show starter package (press the button to fire the first firework of your display and start the show yourself) and the fire writing package (your initials and a heart in fire writing) absolutely free*, regardless of when your event is.

So what are you waiting for, the days will soon be drawing in!  Visit us at or call on 01332 650770 to discuss your celebration firework display.



*offer ends Midnight 30th June 2017, T&C’s apply.

What is it you do again???

What is it that Electrify do again?




Actually, what is it that we don’t do!  We pulled this mind map together today to clarify our thinking on what our product was and what services we offer.  The list just went on and on:











  • PA Hire
    • DIY iPod Packages
    • Band PA Hire
    • Venue Packages
  • Pyro-musicals
  • Sound training




party lighting 


  • Musical Lightshows
  • Firework Lightshow pyro-musicals
  • Wedding displays – where fireworks aren’t permitted
  • Uplighting
  • Disco light hire
  • Product launches – specialist lit logos (gobos)

It’s more of a list than an elevator pitch, and it’s not exhaustive either. We could have carried on but we ran out of space.  Talking of elevator pitches, maybe it would be better to sum it up in one short, succinct sentence…

Electrify – the leading UK specialist in all things Fireworks, Lighting and Sound.

Driving Great Place to Work and fundraising

One of the key challenges for a company driving toward a Great Place to Work status in their organisation is getting the funding to do it.  In today’s climate there is less and less funding available for fun events and social gatherings, where ROI is difficult to measure.  In this blog, we discuss the things that companies can do to improve their Great Place to Work standing, plus give a really useful fundraising tip to allow you to generate funding to take your GPTW status to the next level.

Most companies now understand the power of being a great place to work and the benefits it brings to productivity and staff tenure through improved employee engagement.  In a recent independent financial study, publicly traded companies that had achieved ‘Great Workplace’ status consistently outperform major stock indices by a factor of 2.  These workplaces also have 64% less staff turnover than their competitors. This inevitably saves vital margin eroding spend on things like training and recruitment.

According to the Great Place to Work website, when times are tough, employees at a great workplace show the resiliency to pull through. When times get better, those same employees are ready to lead the rally. It all adds up to cumulative success 2x better than the market average.

So, how do you bring your staff together when it’s hard to demonstrate the hard and fast short term benefits in a traditional business case and of course without breaking the bank?

Firstly, before thinking about spending any money, the one key piece of feedback that employees raise time and time again is around good workplace communication – and by that we mean two way communication.  It’s about trust, keeping employees informed, listening to their concerns and demonstrating that where you are able you are acting upon their suggestions.

This should be fairly easy – quarterly roundtables or Town Hall Meetings held by Executive and Senior Managers to talk about strategy and performance.  Trust your staff with information, but call out when information is sensitive and is for their ears only and not to be shared – clearly this is not about sharing confidential board room level strategic decisioning, but moreover giving your staff all the information they need to understand what is happening with the business and where it is going, including the challenges it faces.  This ensures staff feel engaged and aware of what is happening in the company (rather than like mushrooms – in the dark and fed…well, you know what)!

Ensure the sessions allow for people to raise questions.  If you want to be even more open, allow them to put forward questions and comments anonymously – this way you get a better view of what they think without expecting them to put their head above the parapet and risk shredding their career.

If you keep coming back to them with regular updates and further comms sessions, talking  about what they raised last time and what has been done, you will soon gain their trust and they will see that you are listening to them.  Where ideas, thoughts and suggestions cannot be implemented, as long as you tell them why rather than glossing over them then the majority of staff will understand why.

All that sounds fairly basic and straightforward, however the given the number of companies that fail on staff engagement – it clearly isn’t.  Cascading information down the management chain is critical however sometimes people want to feel like they matter, and to be visited by the CEO and asked for their important opinions on how the company is performing is a great way to get your staff engaged.   Remember, those at the coalface usually have the best view of what is happening with your clients and customers, senior management can get real insight here. It’s a win win.

So what else can you do to ensure your staff feel engaged and enjoy working for your company?  These are our key principles that we feel are really important, they aren’t exhaustive by any means, however these are the ones we’ve actively adopted to drive GPTW:

  1. Brand affinity and loyalty – drive a pride in your workforce around your brand products and services. If your staff love the business, they’ll give more and defend it to the hilt.
  2. Create a culture of inclusion – a blameless culture where employees are encouraged to push further, where it is OK to take risks as long as they are well thought through and understood, and mistakes are learnt from and not repeated.
  3. A culture of development with recognition of high performance – strong company values that are driven from the top down and lived every day are important here.
  4. Staff are not just numbers – a company that cares. For instance, in the recent spate of terrorist attacks, a company that ensures that staff are safe and issues communications offering advice to ensure staff remain safe will more likely engender an environment where staff feel like they are treated as individuals and that the company truly cares about them as people.
  5. Wellbeing and Diversity programs driving Health, Welfare and inclusion.
  6. Social activities outside of the work environment to drive a closer community within it.

Point 6 is always the challenging topic mainly due to the costs of funding such an event, however there are a number of things that can be done to avoid a huge outlay, and sometimes bring in money to fund other internal events…

Corporate or Staff Parties

These can be a great way for staff to meet outside of the work environment and get to know their colleagues on a personal level.  A fun event creates a talking point back in the workplace which improves camaraderie and teamwork. Many teams, departments and organisations will raise funds internally (from the likes of a cake bake or samosa sale in order to part-fund a summer or Christmas party).  Alternatively, by selling tickets at an affordable rate, funding for food and events can be gathered that way.

We recently ran an incredibly popular campaign called “Fundraising through fireworks” where organisations sold tickets for a works event with a huge firework display at the end.   The promise of a really spectacular firework display helped sell the tickets which drove the funding. The events were typically held at a local pub with land, or a community centre. The display was linked to the corporate brand (Eg, the companies name in firewriting, corporate colours for the finale), and with the money raised through ticket sales they were able to put on food, plus things like bouncy castles for the children, inflatable games for the adults (Eg, bucking broncos, bungee runs) as well as pay for the display.  They also put on free games like rounders, space hopper races, sports days etc.  Staff were happy to pay for their own drinks and by inviting a local ice cream van they were more than covered for a very successful night.  The display at the end of the night tops off the event, creating a celebratory atmosphere and the wow factor that keeps everyone talking about what a great night it was for months to come.

We’ve had some really positive feedback from organisations that have done this, and we are seeing an unprecedented repeat booking level as events grow in size. Many organisations that have rebooked with us year after year have told us that ticket sales grow YoY, it becomes more inclusive and they have enough money left over from ticket sales allowing them to fund other purchases such as new coffee machines, games tables and in one instance a refit to their staff kitchen!

Our corporate firework displays don’t cost as much as you would think, and we do all the hard work around the display planning, insurance and the health & safety assessments.