Biblical downpour hits Britain. Electrify firers hit it back!

Rain is not a problem for the heroic firers of Electrify

What was described by many as “biblical” rain hit Britain over the Bonfire week. Rainfall as high as 40mm shocked the public of Britain but, the Electrify firers fought on!

Armed with their coats, wellies and plastic bags the Electrify firers continued to amaze the British public with Electrify’s incredible firework displays. From Hadrian’s wall in the far North to Colchester in the far South, Electrify were scattered all over the country spreading joy and laughter despite the horrific downpour.

Electrify’s pyro musicals were playing far and wide and soon, despite the record-breaking weather, all discontent was ignored and the public were singing in the rain. All thanks to the heroic firers of Electrify, who fought on through it all. But how did they do it? Electrify always have a solution for such problems! Equipped with gazebos, plastic sheets and parcel tape, they simply covered the fireworks with the sheets and taped it on tight with tape. “We just let it go off through the plastic sheets” said one firer. “That way from set up to lift off the gunpowder stays dry and the show can go on!” They then cover the fireworks with a gazebo, for extra protection, before removing it during the display. One committed firer went as far as blotting the fireworks with a sponge to insure a great quality display and a very dry firework. It doesn’t matter to them if they get wet, as long as the display is perfect for their customers. With over 40 displays out in a week, the firers not only worked exceptionally hard anyway but to beat the weather was an incredible effort from the amazing team. 

Even the firers themselves had some fun in the rain, many selfies and wacky photos taken on the displays, no sign of frustration or discomfort over the weather was shown. Even some jolly singing of Rihanna’s Umbrella could be heard across one firing site. One firer, Eddie Potter, was more bothered about his co-firers finding out about his secret snaffling of a Big Mac than he was  the rain! “He just turned up smelling like a Big Mac, he didn’t even share” Co-firer John Tinkler laughed. It was obvious, despite the rain the happy Electrify bunch will remain a jolly crew! The Electrify Firers not only fought on but enjoyed their small adventures, remaining jovial and committed through it all. They were a credit to Electrify and brought happiness and magic through the incredible, famous ‘Electrify displays’ they all worked so hard on. 

(Eddie pictured Left: triumphant he had got away with his secret Big Mac!)

Evidently, it wasn’t just the firers who had fun in the rain! Thousands of people attended the public firework displays Electrify were hired to wow the crowd with. At each display, a chorus of “ooh” “ahh” and “amazing” could be heard as the glittering fireworks trickled down. Soon, the horrific rain was ignored, each crowd Electrify performed for amazed by the show before them. Morrisons PLC spokesperson thanked the team, praising them for “a great display for the circa 1100 people we had… The weather was awful and they were wet through but [the display] was still delivered.” Geoff from Fidelity thanked the team for a “fantastic firework display” and even stated they were going to organise with Electrify another stunning display next year!

#bonfire night fireworks

(A crowd of students at Essex university pictured above right: waiting with anticipation for Electrify’s annual display)

Electrify’s reputation for delivering fantastic firework displays, whatever the weather, was met and exceeded! No matter the occasion, Electrify are at hand to give you a perfect, bespoke display. Whether it’s a small wedding to a whopping music festival Electrify are guaranteed to give you the most memorable display, even if there’s an incredulous amount of rain! 

From scissor lifts to students to temples, Electrify really can do it all! Contact us for more information to find out how we can create the perfect display for you.