Fundraising with fireworks

Secret school fundraising offer

Calling all teachers – be your schools’ fundraising hero!

If you’re reading this then hopefully you are a teacher, headteacher, PTA member or a parent active in school fundraising.  If you are, then we can reveal a one-time offer that will allow you to easily raise funds for your school and be a fundraising hero! This offer has become available solely due to the dates that certain days of the year fall in 2017!

Intrigued?  Then read on and all will become clear…

Fundraising problems:

  1. Fundraising is a headache, it takes a huge amount of effort (entertainment, marketing, different suppliers, health and safety, risk assessments – the list goes on). What we can offer reduces the amount of effort you need to put in to hold the fundraising event, as we do the majority of the work!
  2. Keeping people at your fundraising event and spending – our offer will allow you to easily attract people to your event and keep them there spending for as long as you want!
  3. Cost – the cost of holding an event can be expensive with little return. We have a discount offer to blow you away – keep reading!
  4. In order to grow the event year after year takes an increase in effort with not necessarily the same growth in funds raised. Our offer is proven to grow and current customers have seen attendance and revenues grow year on year.
  5. If you hold your event at the same dates as other schools then you’re already competing for attendance. This is where our offer delivers…it’s time to explain.

people standing behind firework display

Bonfire night falls on a Monday this year, which means that most of our customers want a display on the Friday or Saturday, however like most firework companies we have our stock, staff and vans ready from much earlier in the week and so can offer a much reduced rate for a Bonfire night fireworks event…

  1. Our existing school clients started off small, made a good profit in year 1 however have grown year on year
  2. We carry £10 million public liability insurance, and do risk assessments and organise the display set up and clear up
  3. Attendance tends to be high as people are looking for firework displays to go to at that time of year, and are more likely to attend their own schools display if it doesn’t clash with a large public event. A small entrance fee will make a big difference to your fundraising efforts
  4. You can blow them away with our amazing professional displays. Recently we held a display at a school who had previously done fireworks themselves – they were blown away by the difference between a professional display and their hand-fired retail bought fireworks.   Their crowds have grown year on year ever since.
  5. Your customers come with money and spend at stalls until the fireworks are done. This allows you to put on additional stalls to raise further funds:
    • Competition stalls (hook a duck, basketball throwing)
    • Hot food stalls
    • small fair ride pitches
  6. Ever see glow sticks and flashing toys at firework displays? That’s because kids buy them by the bucket-load, and we can provide them for you at a low cost giving you an extra revenue stream on the night
  7. Prices for our firework display include VAT, so many organisations can claim that back, making it even cheaper to hold the event

Our Bonfire night displays start at £1800 including VAT however due to the date that Bonfire night falls and availability on other nights in the week we can now offer:

Tuesday 30th Oct – Thursday 1st Nov – £1250 incl VAT Quote offer ref BONWEEK

Sunday 4th & Monday 5th November – £1500 incl VAT Quote offer ref BONSUN

 “I organise a fireworks night as a fundraiser at my children’s school and everyone always says it is truly the best display they have seen, our crowds have trebled over the last 3 years as has our profit.  Value for money with the most fantastic service…… everything is taken care of so all you need to do is sell tickets!   Could not recommend enough”

Jane Lee – Forestdale Primary School PTA

So in terms of fundraising, the sky really is the limit this Bonfire Night.  So why not be a fundraising hero and see how Electrify Pyrotechnics can help your organisation to exceed its’ fundraising target in 2017.