Pyromusicals - fireworks displays set to music.

How to pick the perfect songs for your pyromusical

What’s better for lovers of fireworks than a firework display?  Answer: a pyromusical firework display!  At Electrify Pyrotechnics we are specialists in creating amazing firework displays that fire in perfect unison to a music track.  There’s some pretty amazing technology available to us in order to get the firing timed to absolute perfection right down to the last thousandth of a second. The length of the display will dictate how many songs you need, and we can edit all of the songs together to make one single track, but how do you pick the right music to accompany your display?

Here are our top 5 tips for getting it right:

1) Pick songs that you like and are personal to you

If the display is for a wedding, an anniversary or party then pick at least one song that means something to whomever the display is for.  For a wedding, that may be ‘your song’, the first track you ever danced to, or something that brings back fond memories to you both.  Whatever the reason, make it personal and that will add another really special, unique dimension to the display.

2) Where possible pick songs that your audience are going to know too

Whilst it’s important that you select songs that mean something to you, you also want to avoid anything too obscure.  Classical music goes really well with fireworks, however everything from pop, rap and heavy metal can work too!  The atmosphere of a pyromusical firework display is enhanced when there is music that people recognise and love too. You can’t please everyone, as people have different tastes in music, however easily recognisable tunes and songs will work wonders when it comes to treating the audience.

3) Watch your profanity

There’s quite a few songs now that contain expletives and swear words. Avoid any songs that might not be appropriate for the younger or older members of your audience.  If you love a song but there’s inappropriate language then you have two choices, firstly look for a Radio Edit which will be a more audience friendly version, or speak to us at Electrify Pyrotechnics as we may be able to do some editing to help you out!

4) Select music that changes in tempo

It’s important to have songs with good beats in order to fire the fireworks up to, however songs that have changes in tempo, speed and beat offer the ability to vary the display further and therefore add an additional dimension to your display.

5) For your finale song, pick a tune with a punchy ending

This one is always a challenge. You want your pyromusical to end with a huge volley of fireworks and a grand finale to conclude the display.  So picking a song that slowly fades away at the end isn’t really going to be appropriate (imagine trying to do a big finale to Hey Jude by The Beatles with the continuous looping 4 minute long coda ending that eventually fades to nothing, great song however not really appropriate for a whopping finale.  Remember “Big Finish”.

So that’s it, our top 5 tips to picking the best music for a pyromusical, and what’s more we provide all the sound systems, we’ll mix your track and let you listen and approve it before we design your show to it.  So what are you waiting for? You pick the music and leave the rest in Electrify Pyrotechnics capable hands.

You might like a pyromusical display for your wedding fireworks?

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!