Summer Solstice Offer – Firework Display Discount Code

To celebrate the longest day, we’re offering a special deal if you book and use the voucher code from this blog.  Just book before 30th June to use the discount on your firework display at any time in the future!

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Summer is properly upon us and the nice weather always makes us feel generous, so with today being the longest day that’s a whole heap more sunshine to make us even happier!


Electrify are specialists in firework displays whatever the reason for your celebration…weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bonfire night, new years eve, Diwali, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs the list goes on.   With these long summer nights where the sunset isn’t until after 9:30pm, it means it isn’t properly dark until well after 10pm. This can create a challenge when it comes to firework displays at this time of year…

How do you do fireworks if it isn’t dark enough?
  1. Make it later – the obvious solution is to ensure your display takes place after it gets dark, however it is illegal in the UK to let fireworks off after 11pm (Bonfire Night & New Year’s Eve are the exception to that rule). So, for a 10 minute display, 10:50pm is the absolute latest start time.
  2. Check the time the sun is due to set – sites like The Met Office website offer a daily sunrise and a sunset time, remember that when the sun sets there’s still twilight which is the suns glow in the atmosphere.  Total darkness can be around 30-45 minutes after the sun disappears behind the horizon.
  3. Whilst a pitch black sky is perfect for a firework display, a slightly lighter sky gives an amazingly different hue and perspective to a display. Modern fireworks are very bright and a display can be incredibly impressive against a different coloured backdrop, even just after twilight when the sun has set but the sky isn’t absolutely dark.
  4. Leave it to the professionals – at Electrify Pyrotechnics, we know exactly what time to fire a display and how to work with the different shades of night in order to create the perfect display for your celebration, whatever the time of year. Give us a call on 01332 650770 to discuss the perfect timing for your perfect display.

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So, in order to celebrate the longest day of the year, if you call us before the end of June and quote our Solstice Special Facebook voucher code of FB-SOL17 we will give you a show starter package (press the button to fire the first firework of your display and start the show yourself) and the fire writing package (your initials and a heart in fire writing) absolutely free*, regardless of when your event is.

So what are you waiting for, the days will soon be drawing in!  Visit us at or call on 01332 650770 to discuss your celebration firework display.



*offer ends Midnight 30th June 2017, T&C’s apply.