The Top 5 things to consider when having fireworks at your wedding

Your Wedding Day is your special day You’re pampered and the centre of attention for the entire day and there’s much to look forward to.  So from the ceremony and meeting with friends and family, the speeches (hilarious, heart-warming or cringe worthy!), a lovely meal and drinks, the disco/band/entertainment and of course your first dance.  It can be a tiring day however it speeds by, and the months and years of pre-preparation are all worth it as you see all your hard work fall into place. With a firework display at your wedding not only is it a reflection of the air of celebration, a big bang to say “look everyone, we’re married”, a recognition of the importance of the day, but it is also something to look forward to after all the other activities are done.  As your day draws to an end, it’s an extra something else to look forward to.  It’s the perfect finale to your perfect day, and so here’s our guide to the key things to consider when booking your wedding firework display…

Our Top 5 Tips:

  1. Pick the right company – it’s not just about the impressive display – make sure you select a professional firework company that has a track record of safety and good customer service. A good firework company will do a site survey at your venue, offer full liability insurance (often up to £10million) and be able to tell you what processes they have to deliver an impressive display through a multitude of scenarios (strong winds, flooded firing site etc).  Audience safety is paramount and your firework display company should deliver all of the above as part of the display price as standard – no added costs!
  2. Consider a surprise – it’s great when the firework display is a surprise and either the audience or the bride and groom aren’t expecting it. Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any better, there’s something else toward the end of the night to entertain the guests or surprise the special couple.  A good Firework Display company should be able to organise and set up a display conspicuously so the game isn’t given away until the DJ announces that everyone needs to go outside.  We’ve seen Brides moved to tears because there’s another wonderful surprise waiting for her from her thoughtful groom, or from her parents.  Tell your firework company if you want to keep it hush-hush.
  3. Make it different – not everyone has fireworks at their wedding, and so by having them you’re already making your day different. Consider bespoking your display further to make yours even more unique. At Electrify, we offer a free colour matching finale (so the fireworks that make up the huge finish at the end of your display match the colour schemes of the day). We also offer fire-writing of the bride and grooms’ initials aside a beautiful burning love heart, or the ability to start the display yourself with the press of a button or the push of a plunger.  All for a small additional fee.  Alternatively, you can do something amazingly different and add music to your display – a pyromusical with fireworks firing perfectly to the beat of the songs that you’ve chosen and that are special to you.  Electrify also offer a totally unique music and lightshow with your fireworks.
  4. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option – many couples go for the cheapest display on offer, after all getting married isn’t cheap. However, for just a couple of hundred Pounds more you can get a whole lot more ‘bang for your buck’. It’s remarkable what you can get extra for that small amount more – the display has more ‘pyro’ content, it’s higher impact often with a much bigger finale. It is definitely worth trying to go for at least the next display up, you’ll really be able to tell the difference and it’ll really knock you and your guests away.
  5. Longer isn’t necessarily better – I appreciate that’s not something you necessarily want to hear on your wedding night, but in the case of firework displays a longer display doesn’t necessarily mean a better one. 8-10 minutes is sufficient for a wedding display, any longer than 12 minutes and the impact is lost and the audience can start to get bored.  To reiterate point 4, it’s better to go for a 10 minute high impact celebration of your special day that will absolutely wow your audience and save the 15 plus minute displays to the Firework Competitions and Bonfire Nights.

Electrify Pyrotechnics are specialists in Wedding Fireworks. Not only can we help guide you to get the most out of your display, we’ll do all the organising for you, to ensure that your perfect day ends with shivers up your spine and a firework display to remember.  We’ll do the site survey, ensure the venue is aware, provide the insurance and design the display. All you need to do is pick the display you want and tell us your colour scheme.