Pyromusical Displays – Fireworks to Music

What song would you love to set your fireworks to?  We can take your favourite songs and create a magnificent pyromusical firework display that will astound your guests and take your breath away.

Make it personal…

A musical firework display is the most personal display you can have. Pyromusicals are completely unique and designed especially for you. We will take your chosen pieces of music, seamlessly mix them together and then design your display in minute detail to be in perfect synchronicity with your music.

Exclusive and Electronic…

Pyromusicals require split second timing to ensure every burst, barrage and explosion dance perfectly to the beat of your music. Electrify uses the renowned FireOne remote firing system which is also used for the London Eye New Years Eve display. The FireOne system fires to a thousandth of the second so you can rest assured that your display will be a sensory extravaganza that will be timed to perfection.

Prices for a pyromusical display start from £1495 – to enquire about a display contact us here or call us on 01332 650770


The ultimate…

 If you select one of our bespoke lighting pyromusical displays you will receive something truly spectacular and unique.  Electrify prides itself in being the only firework company in the UK that can offer you a fully designed show where the fireworks and lights dance perfectly to the music.

Bright Lights, Big Pretty…

For your lightshow Electrify use state of the art, new to the market industrial moving head lights. These lights include sharp, crisp optics and pack a whopping 250w 7800k lamps that blast bright coloured beams high into the sky. This adds a whole new and different dimension to your firework and music show as they move in time to the songs.


Like our pyromusical firework displays you can select the music yourself or we can select it for you. Regardless of which you choose, we will seamlessly edit your composition together and use the latest technology to design a firework and light show that will marry with your music with absolute precision.  The result is something truly outstanding and goes beyond any ordinary firework display.  The use of the FireOne firing system means that not only will the fireworks burst in perfect time to the beat but the lights will be choreographed to perfection.

The extra dimension…

For a Lighting Pyromusical our professional team mix your music and then use that to design your fireworks display. They then use the music to design your lighting display to minute detail.  Then we pull it together to create something that no other firework company can provide – we can assure you that this is truly unique and specific to you. You and your guests will never forget it!

If you want to add that extra amazing dimension to your pyromusical firework display then our lighting pyromusicals start from £3000 – to enquire about a display call us on 01332 650770

Lighting Pyromusicals Fireworks, Lights & Music

Can’t have fireworks?

Even if your venue or site doesn’t permit fireworks, Electrify can still deliver an awe-inspiring lighting and music show that will astound your guests.

A personal signature…

Like both our pyromusical and pyromusical lighting shows, our musical lighting shows are personally designed to your choice of music. Our professional team will mix your music choices together and then use state of the art theatrical lighting software to meticulously design a show that is completely bespoke and unique to you, in perfect time with your music choices.

Beams and beats…

Our Light & Music shows are a beautiful expression that will create the perfect end to your wedding, launch, event or party.  The lights have whopping 250w 7800k lamps that blast bright coloured beams high into the sky and light the skies and clouds with beautiful beams, washes and strobe effects. What’s more, we can specifically design light shows with colours to match your theme or brand. We can even offer the option to have specially designed light (gobo filter) with your names, logo or any design of your choice projected onto a building, or even the clouds!

The sky really is the limit.  We guarantee you and your guests will be blown away. Our musical lighting shows start from £1000, so for a world-class Professional Lighting & Music Display contact us here or give our team a call on 01332 650770

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