New Years Eve PA Hire

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iPod Package 1 – Mackie Thump 12″ Active Speakers with Stands, Mixer and wired Microphone.


This package is ideal for party venues with 50-100 guests



iPod Package 2 – 2 x 12″ Mackie Thump Active Speakers with distance poles, 2 x 15″ Mackie Thump subwoofers, mixer and wired microphone. 


This package has two additional subwoofers for a deeper bass in addition to the iPod1 package, for venues with 100-200 guests

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Welcome 2019 in style and class with our New Years Eve PA Hire Packages


New Years Eve is the perfect time to have a party, however the costs of food, drinks and entertainment can soon add up.  The cost of a DJ and Disco on New Years’ Eve can be very expensive, and they’re usually all booked up on well paying gigs.


So, this year, rent out one of our special iPod packages that lets you play your own music easily through a high quality speaker system.  You get speakers, mixer, microphone as standard and it’s so easy to put together.  It’s literally plug and play.


We have a range of accessories such as disco lights and smoke machines to go with them.  So now you can have a great New Years’ Eve party, where you’re in full control of the music choices, without bankrupting you for the new year! 

Product Features

iPod Part Package PA Audio Hire


Both our iPod packages use 2 high quality 12” Mackie Thump full range powered active speakers (800w) with stands, mixer and wired microphone. Our iPod 2 package offers an additional 2 x 18″ Mackie Thump Subwoofers,  All cables and wires supplied.



Colour coded cables and wires supplied with full instructions.

Crowd Size

iPod Package 1 is perfect for venues of 50 – 100 people.

iPod Package 2 is ideal for venues of 100 – 200 people

PA Audio Hire Colour Cables
PA Audio Hire Mixing desk
PA Audio Hire Microphone
PA Audio Hire Lighting Hire

Lighting Options

GigBAR 2, 4 in 1 lighting system with remote control & tripod.

PA Audio Hire Smoke Machine Hire

Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine 700w, 160m3 output. Remote Control. Includes 1.3l fluid.


PA Audio Hire Sub Woofer Hire

Sub Woofer

Bring the bass with the 1200w 18″ Mackie Thump, powered Sub Woofer.

Fireworks Display

Firework Displays

Did you know we also do fabulous firework and lighting displays? Click here for more info.

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