Here at Electrify Pyrotechnics we have years of experience in the pyrotechnics industry. We specialise in the art of creating beautiful displays to music. We can create a perfect display to match your music of choice. Wow your audience with a bespoke musical display perfectly tailored to you and your guests. We use a state of the art firing system which allows us to perfectly sync the firework display to your music creating a breath taking display.

Choose Your music…

What songs would you love to set your fireworks to?  We can take your favourite songs and create a magnificent pyromusical firework display that will astound your guests and take your breath away.

Make it personal…

A musical firework display is the most personal display you can have. Pyromusicals are completely unique and designed especially for you. We will take your chosen pieces of music, seamlessly mix them together and then design your display in minute detail to be in perfect synchronicity with your music.

Exclusive and Electronic…

Pyromusicals require split second timing to ensure every burst, barrage and explosion dance perfectly to the beat of your music. Electrify uses the renowned FireOne remote firing system which is also used for the London Eye New Years Eve display. The FireOne system is coupled with the thunderous Nexo PA sytem to deliver your fireworks and music in perfect synchronicity with each other, ensuring that your display is a sensory extravaganza that is timed to perfection.

The Cadenza is our entry level pyro-musical display, but don’t be mistaken as it’s anything but entry level.   Expect and amazing personalised firework display set to around 3 of your favourite songs.  Your display will last 6 minutes with the display bursting in time to the beat of the tunes.  The Cadenza is the perfect accompaniment to your special occasion.

Give your event a huge “Legato” up with our amazing 8 minute musical firework display. Our Legato is longer than the Cadenza and will be set to 4-5 of songs of your choice. Legato means “in a smooth flowing manner” without breaks between notes – there’ll certainly be no breaks between the fireworks with this full on display!

Con Brio is Italian for “With Vigour”, what else do we need to say.  The Con Brio musical display is 10 minutes of vigorous pyrotechnics set in perfect harmony to your song choices.  Expect to select around 5-6 songs that mean something to you or relate to your event and we’ll do the rest – you’ll get a totally unique powerhouse of a display like no one elses, to your own music. Bellissimo!

A musical piece played Fortissimo is meant to be played loud. A perfect name for our top of the range musical firework display.  We will take around 6 of your music choices, mix them, and design a bespoke 12 minute firework display which will fire in perfect time to your music track. What could be more perfezionare than this awe-inspiring mix of music and fireworks!?!  Assolutamente fantastico.