Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display - £1999

The Lumiere wedding fireworks display is the most exclusive of all our displays. At around 15 minutes in length it is a power house of a show that is specifically choreographed with an enormous finale. It is a display that will stimulate the senses and add a powerful, emotional and explosive end to a fabulous day of celebration.

Product Features

Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display

Power house of a show priced at £1999


An amazing 15 minutes of breathtaking fireworks

Add a powerful, emotional and explosive end to a fabulous day of celebration

Included in Your Display

  • Low Noise Options available
  • £10 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Full site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • Full co-ordination with your venue, event organiser or local authority by our experienced and friendly team
  • VAT is included in the price
  • Experienced Team to plan, set up and fire your display
  • Full site clear up after the display
  • All Travel Expenses (a minimum booking fee may apply in more remote locations)
  • PA System for up to 400 people (incl with the musical fireworks display upgrade)

Show Description

  • 5 x huge aerial shells lifting 300ft bursting with a golden willow effect drifting down to earth
  • 3 glitter mines ejecting golden stars from the ground high into the air
  • 3 x 30ft glitter fountains
  • 10 multi shot barrages launching over 350 colourful aerial explosions
  • 5 x large aerial shell fanned out and bursting with colour and light 300 feet above the ground
  • 5 multi shot barrages containing over 100 colourful aerial explosions
  • 10 x large aerial shells fanned & lifting 250 feet before bursting leaving beautiful glittering tails
  • 50 shot barrage firing vivid red comet tails high into the sky
  • 300 shot ultra-rapid firing barrage shooting comets from left to right across the horizon
  • 10 x large aerial shells lifting 250 feet before bursting into gorgeous coloured peonies and chrysanthemums
  • 56 shot barrage firing curtains of silver whirls tumbling upward in multiple directions
  • 3 multi shot barrages containing over 150 colourful aerial explosions
  • 20 x large pre-finale aerial shells bursting 200ft high filling the sky with silver sparkling peonies
  • Followed by 12 huge pre-finale aerial shells bursting 300ft high emanating with golden glitter peonies
  • A grand finale of 26 x mixed size aerial shells rising to up to 400ft before painting the sky with a thunderous explosion and burst of colour

Amazing Extras

Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Fire Writing

Wedding Fire Writing £65

The Bride and Grooms initials separated by a giant love heart, burning at the start of your display.  A truly personal touch to your display.
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Colour Finale

Pair of Heart Shaped Bursts £35

What better way to complete the finale than by showing how much you love each other – 2 giant red heart shapes in the sky
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Heart Fire Writing

Pair of Hearts £55

A beautiful pair of interlocking flaming hearts
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Show Starter

Show Starter £25

A member of the wedding party can start the display themselves at the touch of a button.
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs Fire Writing £70

A very popular addition and we can even add your surname. Additional letters £10
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Heart Bursts

Colour Co-Ordinated Finale FREE OF CHARGE

Choose from Red, Gold, Blue, Green, Silver, Pink, Purple (all subject to availability).
Lumiere Wedding Fireworks Display Musical

Musical Upgrade £695

A custom designed musical fireworks display of 13-14 minutes
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