Féte Party Fireworks Display - £1099

The Féte display is really something to behold. It is an 11 minute action packed superhero of a display, a pure pyrotechnical boy-wonder!  With larger calibre shots than the Party and Gala displays, the Féte party firework display is a thing to behold indeed.

Product Features

Féte Party Fireworks Display

The Fabulous Féte Fireworks Display is £1099



11 minutes of action packed pure pyrotechnical wonder.


Larger calibre shots than the Party and Gala displays.


Included in your Fireworks Display

  • Low Noise Options available
  • £10 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Full site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • Full co-ordination with your venue, event organiser or local authority by our experienced and friendly team
  • VAT is included in the price
  • Experienced Team to plan, set up and fire your display
  • Full site clear up after the display
  • All Travel Expenses (a minimum booking fee may apply in more remote locations).
  • PA Hire for up to 400 people (for the musical fireworks upgrade)

Show Description

  • 2 x huge aerial shells lifting 300ft bursting with a golden willow effect drifting down to earth
  • Large calibre barrage launching 19 shots into the sky
  • 3 x 30ft glitter fountains
  • 6 multi shot barrages launching over 350 colourful aerial explosions
  • 1 x large aerial shell lifting 250 feet before bursting leaving beautiful glittering tails
  • 4 multi shot barrages hurling over 200 colourful aerial explosions into the night sky
  • 1 x large aerial shell bursting colour and light 300 feet above the ground
  • 2 large multi shot barrages containing over 60 colourful aerial explosions
  • 300 shot ultra-rapid firing barrage shooting comets from left to right across the horizon
  • 60 shot barrage emitting luxurious golden willow bombettes
  • 20 x large pre-finale aerial shells bursting 200ft high daubing the sky with silver sparkling peonies
  • 19 x finale shells rising to up to 400ft before painting the sky with a thunderous explosion and burst of colour

Amazing Extras

Fete Party Fireworks Display Show Starter

Party Fireworks Show Starter £25

A member of the party can start the display themselves at the touch of a button.

Fete Party Fireworks Display Number Fire Writing

Number or Anniversary Fire Writing £55

Your choice of numbers

Fete Party Fireworks Display Fire Writing

Name or Logo Fire Writing £65

Custom made to your own text or combine with our fantastic Birthday or Anniversary Fire Writing.
4 letters. Additional Letters £10 each.

Fete Party Fireworks Display Finale Colour

Colour Co-ordinated Finale FREE OF CHARGE

Choose from Red, Gold, Blue, Green, Silver, Pink, Purple (all subject to availability).

Musical Fete Party Fireworks Display

Musical Fireworks Upgrade £395

Have a fabulous 8-9 minute musical fireworks display

Not the right display for you? Why not take a look at the Gala or Fiesta display. Or would you prefer a display tailored to your individual requirements? If the answer is yes, why not try one of our stunning Musical Fireworks displays or for the ultimate show stopper our Music, Lights & Fireworks Displays

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