Set your party alive with our explosive celebration firework displays, suitable for all party occasions, from christenings to birthdays to anniversaries.

Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Retirements…whatever the reason for your gathering, fireworks are a great way to celebrate. All of our displays are great value for money, give you a lot of ‘BANG’ for your Buck, and whilst the Party firework display is the smallest of our Celebration range, it’s no Minnow!  From the first towering silver fountains through to the final burst of glitter, this striking 7 minute display is packed with Pizzazz. It will really entertain you and your guests and is a great way to Electrify your party!

Our Gala party firework display is a real black tie affair, brimming with effects from start to finish. This larger than average display is certainly dressed for the occasion and will take you on a whopping 9 minute waltz around the dancefloor before sweeping your guest off of their feet with the incredibly dramatic and explosive finale!

The Féte display is really something to behold. It is an 11 minute action packed superhero of a display, a pure pyrotechnical boy-wonder!  With larger calibre shots than the Party and Gala displays, the Féte party firework display is a thing to behold indeed.

Electrify’s Fiesta party firework display will really get you and your guests in the mood to party! This 12 minute display is truly inspiring. We have included some of our most powerful fireworks in this display, so you can really light up the sky in an impressive way. The extraordinary Fiesta firework display can be fully customised just for you, and is the most remarkable and unique way to end your celebration.

The Carnival party firework display is by far the most exclusive of all of our celebration displays. At around 15 minutes in length it is a power house of a show that is specifically choreographed from start to finish with an enormous finale. It is a display that will absolutely stimulate the senses and add a powerful, emotional and explosive end to a fabulous evening of celebrations.

Our Work

A few images of our quality work

Celebration Firework Displays Fire Writing
Celebration Firework Displays Finale Bursts
Celebration Firework Displays
Celebration Firework Displays Shell Bursts
Celebration Firework Displays Red and Green Bursts
Celebration Firework Displays Name Fire Writing
Celebration Firework Displays Lighting
Firework Display Set Up
Celebration Firework Displays Glitter Ball
Celebration Firework Displays Fireworks and lights

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