Our first staff meeting and everyone’s safety

Fireworks & Lighting Team photo

Well, as we commence our first season together as a newly formed company, what better time to talk about staff engagement and the importance of safety.  Last Saturday saw all of our amazing firers come together for the first time as Electrify to discuss the year ahead.

Fireworks are amazing things, they are beautiful, powerful and add so much to events, however in the wrong hands they can be extremely dangerous. That’s why, amongst all the fun and socialising we broach those serious subjects. The safety of Electrify’s staff and that of our customers and their guests is the most important thing.  It is more important than any other element of the display, and all of our staff know that everybody’s safety comes above all else.  Right through from storing fireworks, planning the display, transporting pyro to lifting heavy equipment to firing and clearing up afterwards – safety and reducing the risk of accidents needs to be on everyone’s mind.  All of our firers have a wealth of experience when it comes to firing displays, some have been doing so for decades. However regardless of tenure, whether a staff member has done 1000 shows or this is their first, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

That’s why amongst talking about some of the amazing new fireworks we’re getting this year, and looking at some pretty impressive lighting and sound equipment, we dedicate the largest portion of the day to keeping everyone safe and ensuring we deliver a safe display to all our customers. We are building upon years of experience, however we never stop looking at ways to make things better.  This is the first of several meetings this year with safety at the forefront, and it will be for every year that we operate. Here’s to another safe year and a whole host of awesome shows.

PS – next on the purchase list is a projector screen


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